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Kyums Korean Soy - Mild

Kyums Korean Soy - Mild


Kyums Korean All Purpose Mild Soy.

Always low in stock and made in small batches. No Shortcuts.

Marinade or replace any ingredient that calls for soy sauce. Tasty when the sauce is added at the end of cooking, cooked on low heat to glisten and caramelise slowly. We made a recipe that’s tasty, not too sweet or too many artificial ingredients, just right and no shortcuts.

Add more garlic + sugar + salt if you wish to the following dishes & cook on low heat to nicely caramelise.

Stir Fry - Stir fry vegetables -> add Kyums sauce last on low heat, let caramelise-> season to taste.

Veggie Buddha Rice Bowls - Easy to pour.

Salad Dressing - Kyums Sauce + a bit of vinegar (more if you like acidity) + add1/4 amount with sesame oil / olive oil -> season to taste.

Marinade Beef / Chicken / Tofu / Tempeh / Halloumi - Kyums Sauce + add1/4 amount with sesame oil / olive oil -> marinade -> cook on low heat -> season to taste.

Homemade . Vegetarian Friendly . Contains Wheat, Honey and Soybean.

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