Asado Sauce



About Asado Sauce | Handcrafted herby South American sauces with a twist!

Inspired by our childhood memories of growing up in South America during the 1980s, Asado Sauce captures the essence of lush herbs and memories of camping in the hilltops of Patagonia. Produced in small batches, our homemade sauces were a staple on our family camping trips and added a special touch to our meals. When I emigrated to California and once again to the U.K, I packed the recipe with me and learned more about soul food and good cooking while working at restaurants. The idea of bottling my memories and making sauces never left me, and today that idea has found a home in Asado Sauce.

Would I ever miss my favourite condiment!!!
— Chef Tristan Welch of Parker's Tavern | on Asado Sauce & Kyums

Meal Pairing & Pro Tips from our Tasters & Explorers

Our tasters & explorers love our homemade Asado Sauces on pizza, fajitas, roasted chicken, burritos, tacos, stir fry vegetables, lasagna, spaghetti sauce, jacket potatoes, fish and chips, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Be creative & explore the ways to enjoy your meals with your family and friends.

Mild to Hot Spicy without compromising the flavours of our secret blend of herbs and spices.

Bring it home Kyums : Korean All-Purpose Sauces

“When I was little, my mom worked her magic in the kitchen by making us wholesome meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She would make us bibimbap one day (a mixed rice bowl with cooked vegetables, meat, and flavoured with this sauce), bulgogi with banchan (Korean side dishes) or galbi another day, all before we headed out to school. Her secret was this sauce. She used it to marinate meat the day before, or drip into a stir-fry at the spur of the moment, to make our meals even more delicious and wholesome.”

Perfect to marinade or drip on

Pour on veggie rice bowls, on the side of steak / tofu / roasted vegetables.

Marinade chicken / beef / lamb / halloumi / jack fruit and cook on low heat to caramelise.

Kyums makes delicious well rounded and earthy flavour sauces with a mother’s touch.
— Burwash Larder Love Food Taster's Choice
I’ve tasted many sauces and your Asado sauces are on top of my list!
— At Longstanton Village Market
It tastes fresh, unlike any other sauces I’ve had.
— At Over Village Market
Cooked up some lovely salmon with (asadosauce). Was super yummy - I’ll be looking out for her food events as that sound DELICIOUS!
— @charlottesteggz on Instagram
This reminds me of something I’ve had growing up. I’m absolutely loving it!
— At Wimpole Produce Fair
Lamb marinated in Verde and slowly roasted in the oven, oh yum!
— Taster & Explorer