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Natural Selections

We start in South America, a herby sauce inspired by our childhood taste buds with a spicy twist! 

This is a sauce you can trust and love, handmade from our family kitchen.



Asado Sauces are inspired by my childhood memories of growing up in South America. Produced in small batches according to our flavour memories, this homemade sauce was a staple on our family camping trips and added a special touch to our meals.

When I emigrated from South Korea to California and once again to the U.K, I packed the recipe with me and learned more about soul food and good cooking while working at restaurants. The idea of bottling my flavour memories and making a sauce that could measure up to my memories from my travels never left me, and today that idea has found a home in Asado Sauce.

Small batches & counting...
Batching up new sauces as we speak! Keep your eyes open for new arrivals ahead. Though give us some time in making it right and tasty.



No shortcuts, that's our motto. Because we don't add any flavour enhancers to our sauces, we've taken months to create a recipe that tastes and feels natural with every bite. We don't make anything we don't eat ourselves. It's a sauce you can count on and one we thoroughly enjoy. 

Making it count

We are a small family business and we depend on each other to make every bit of Asado Sauces ourselves. Thanks to our loyal customers for their continuous support and feedbacks, we want to make every one of our creations count. 



simple pairing ideas

Here are some ideas to pair with your new Asado Sauce Rojo.

Fried Pairings, Veggie & Fish

Thinking beyond veggie tempura now. But here's an idea if you're fish and chips or fried bits feel greasy and you're missing that hint of veggie on the side. Asado Sauce cuts the greasy feel on most of your foods.

Eggs & Toasties

Easy to pour on eggs and toast for an effortless flavourful & herby brunch. We tried it on quesadillas and give it our 2 thumbs up!


Enjoyed all around

We've had kids giving us a thumbs up for our sauces. This makes us happy because you can pair Asado Sauce with sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers and so much more! Easy to pack, dip, pour and add natural flavours to anything you fancy.


Meat lovers rejoice!

There's a sauce that you can trust. Low in sugar compared to other bbq sauces we've come across - a healthy appetite without compromising flavour.


Rice Pilaf

Yes, we've tried this many times ourselves; a bowl of rice pilaf with a bed of roasted vegetables and Asado Sauce is the perfect dish. Easy to pour and always ready to serve.



Absolutely caught us by surprise, but yes! Splash Asado Sauce to spaghetti for a boost of flavour with every bite. 



Flavorful condiment to accompany your special family meals together.


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See us in action by keeping in touch. Don't worry, we won't bother you with too many emails. 

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Cambridge, U.K


Histon Chop Shop

1 Narrow Ln, Histon, Cambridge CB24 9HD 01223 236464


Arjuna Wholefoods

12 Mill Rd, Cambridge  CB1 2AD
01223 364845


The Daily Bread

Unit 3, Kilmaine Cl, Cambridge CB4 2PH